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Once you have had a taste of our beautiful bed sets, you will be looking for ways to make your room more aesthetically pleasing, so we have decided to share one of our secrets to a beautiful bedroom with you. One word. Plants. Yes, its that simple to decorate and beautify your bedroom. A nice, leafy indoor plant adds a lush green feel to your room and makes it stand out. However that’s not the only thing that having an indoor plant will do for you. While it will definitely sit there and look aesthetic and make your bedroom look greener it will also purify the air of any toxins you might be breathing. This happens through the release of negative ions, much like a fancy air purifier, which remove bacteria and dust particles hanging in the air. Studies have also shown how having a little green friend in the bedroom can improve your overall health, psychological well-being, healing process and sleep cycle. Plants not only clear out harmful substances in the air but also increase your productivity.

The numerous health benefits of a plant aside, it also nicely compliments bed linens of various colours, making your bedroom more welcoming and relaxing while efficiently using space that you were otherwise at a loss to fill up. The plant will also maintain indoor humidity levels by transpiration and prevent the air from getting to dry which leads to a host of problems like sore throats, colds and breakouts, as well as producing fresh oxygen.

The trick is to choose a plant that is useful while still being low maintenance. We have narrowed down a list of low maintenance indoor plants that you can use for your bedroom. Here they are:

  1. English Ivy
  2. Golden Pothos
  3. Spider Plant
  4. Rubber Plant

As always, we hope you enjoyed this blog. Stay tuned to Nether Needles as we bring you more blogs on bedding and related topics.

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